Changes To Our Webstore

Posted by Mitchel Tarala on

If you are a returning visitor to our website you have probably noticed that once again it has been changed.

As we continue to grow we have been struggling to keep up with the webstore end of the business while our retail and wholesale operations tend to take first priority and our previous systems were not prepared to handle both online and retail customers at the same time.

This had us running our webstore and retail sales through separate systems. If you know anything about keeping track of inventory and sales, you know that running two systems out of the same inventory is a recipe for disaster. It's a problem that we have been working relentlessly over the last year to solve, while trying to manage the two systems all the while.

Hopefully by the time anyone is reading this we will have worked out most of the bugs and our new system will be working flawlessly. Unfortunately if you've ever dealt with this type of thing you know that when moving a business to an entirely new system it is quite likely that we will run into some issues, bugs, and general "weirdness" as we make the switch and start taking orders using the new site and system.

Along with this new website comes additional payment options which are now available! We are happy to announce that we are once again able to accept bitcoin payments via BitPay. More clear instructions have been provided for EMT (Email Money Transfers) from Canadian Banking customers. E-Interac (pay with your debit card) is also accepted through most major banks. Credit Card processing will be available for online orders again shortly if it is not already available by the time you are reading this.

While our new webstore offers the ability to view prices in different currencies as you shop, it will convert your total back to Canadian Dollars when you go through the checkout and make a payment (unless you are paying with Bitcoin/BitPay). Our store currency is set in Canadian Dollars and prices will fluctuate based on the current exchange rates when viewing in alternate currencies.

Please report any bugs, mistakes, problems, or suggestions for improvement to us using the Contact Us page. If you are reporting a bug or error, please try to take a screen shot for us, or copy any error codes/messages that are displayed, along with a detailed explanation of what you were doing when you experienced the error. 


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