iPV4 Box Mod Vaporizer by Pioneer4You Reviewed!

Posted by Sufi Mohamed on

Pioneer4You’s latest addition to their lineup, the iPV4 Box Mod Vaporizer, is compact, durable and light, more efficiently designed to sustain longer battery life and easy charging and not to mention advanced features like temperature control and variable wattage.

Box mods typically come with variable power, between 20 to 200 watts and normally, most people use around 30 watts. When it comes to box mods, more power is needed for “cloud chasers”—people who wanna blow huge vapor hits! It’s also common that cloud chasers use powerful Box mods to get their thrill.

This is where the iPV4 box mod comes in! It’s engineered by Pioneer4you, one of the most well-respected manufacturers in this industry. They’ve compacted the iPV4 box mod to a size smaller than its predecessor, the iPV3. They’ve even upgraded some of the features that were in the iPV3 so that it operates more efficiently and in controlled conditions that you set up yourself.

For example, the iPV4 box mod has temperature control which wasn’t available in the previous iPV3. Think about it: when you’re on high wattage and you don’t have temperature control, what’s do you think will happen if you keep sustaining that higher wattage? It’ll heat up, probably going to damage your atomizer and obviously your coils. Consequently, the temperature control is a built-in advancement of the iPV4 box mod that is valuable for two reasons: 1) it’s more safe and 2) it prevents your box from burning up and damaging your mod. With increased pressure generated by the high wattage, you’ll get stonewalled by a “dry hit” which is going to leave you wishing for another sensation. With the iPV4 box mod, you’ll experience generally fewer, or if ever, dry hits and the exact resistance is yours to control.

Another cool improvement is that the iPV4 box mod is relatively smaller in size compared to its previous version, the iPV3. It operates only using the 18650 battery and the iPV4 is capable of being charged directly through the USB port—you don’t have to take batteries out anymore, opening the back covers, fitting in new batteries, etc…, just plug it in, charge it and boom you’re ready.

The iPV4 box mod is a hit these days and I think it’s going to continue like that for a while, we look forward to the iPV5 version in the near future. If you want a box mod that you can be sure to get the vapor experience, the iPV4 box mod is for you!

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