Boardwalk Vapors

More flavor.  Bigger clouds.  Better bottling.  Quicker customer service.

Boardwalks offer an escape from the mundane reality of daily life. Like clockwork, summer arrives, the days grow longer, the sun shines brighter and iconic boardwalks in Venice Beach, Atlantic City, Santa Cruz and Boardwalk Vapor's very own Newport Beach play host to crowds in dire need of a good time.
What's not to love? Sandy beaches, live music, beautiful women, street performers and a wild nightlife you'll pray doesn't end up on the internet. Boardwalks offer an escape - from work, from routine, from life.
Boardwalk Vapor's Freakshow, Captain CrustyBombshell, and Juice Monkey represent the characters who call the boardwalk home. We've bottled the beach lifestyle so you can take it home, load your tank and take a fat rip.

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