"The Book" DNA 40 Mod by Sanaa Creations

  • $100.00 CAD
  • Save $250.00 CAD

We are happy to announce that we've got the first batch of "The Book" mods by Sanaa Creations (Gatub, formerly from GP Customs). 

This mod is a masterpiece. It is something that we at Vapor Jedi are so proud to be able to bring to you, that it goes beyond words. So take a look at the work that went into every single one of these devices, and the innovation, creativity, and pay attention to the almost magical feel that you get when exploring this device.

The Book is a DNA 40 device, and it is temperature sensing and regulated when you use ni200 wire to build your atomizers. If you don't know much about the DNA 40 and temperature sensing devices, take a quick look around youtube for some information on nickel wire and temperature sensing/regulated devices with the DNA 40 chip.

Essentially with "The Book" by Sanaa Customs and the DNA40 chip you can vape until your wick is bone dry without getting a burnt taste and without burning your cotton or wicking materials. You can set this device to heat up only to a set temperature in order to achieve this. The mod will give you a warning when it gets too hot, and when done correctly you can, in theory, never experience a burnt or dry tasting hit ever again when using this device.

Note: You must use ni200 (pure nickel) wire for the temperature sensing functions to work, you cannot use that feature with regular kanthal.


  • Can fire as low as  0.16 ohms  
  • No reverse battery protection
  • DNA 40 chip
  • 510 Connection
  • Looks like a small book
  • Temperature Sensing
  • Temperature Regulation settings
  • Use 1x 18650 Battery (20A+)
  • Hard Clay Hand Crafted Parts
  • 100% Authentic & Made in the Philippines


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