Aspire BDC Atomizer Coil Heads

Aspire BDC Atomizer Coil Heads

  • $14.00 CAD

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Pack of 5 replacement Aspire BDC coils, also known as an atomizer. These replacement coils work with Aspire Tanks / Clearomizers of the following models : ET, ET-S, CE5, CE5-S, E-Pen, Vivi Nova, Vivi Nova Mini, and Maxi.

Working voltage range : 3.0V to 5.0V. But we recommend not exceeding 4.3V. 

These are available in various atomizer resistances:

  • 1.6 Ohm
  • 1.8 Ohm
  • 2.1 Ohm

BDC stands for Bottom Dual Coil. That means there are actually two coils (dual coil) inside these little replacement coils for aspire tanks. Aspire has moved on from these models though and we recommend looking into something like the Aspire Atlantis tank, or a Kangertech Subtank as an upgrade if you are still using a device that uses these coils.

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