Authentic Ekowool Brand Wicks (3 meters)

Authentic Ekowool Brand Wicks (3 meters)

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  • Save $2.50 CAD

Ekowool consists of one or two layers which are made of silica. They are designed like a shield for wire with a hollow core, but this Ekowool has a stuffing inside of it. We have Authentic Ekowool with both cotton stuffing, or silica stuffing through the hollow core of the Ekowool cord. 

We are official resellers of the Ekowool product in Canada and carry the vaping specific products made by Ekowool in Poland. 

This wick is sold in approximately 3 meter length bags.


  • Authentic Ekowool
  • Durable
  • Hollow core maximizes absorption.
  • Resistant to temperatures up to 1000°C (2012°F)
  • No strange odour or weird taste
  • 95-98% Pure Silica (except with cotton core stuff)
  • Can choose cotton stuffing or silica stuffing

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