Ceramikas Tank by Vapeston

Ceramikas Tank by Vapeston

  • $50.00 CAD

The Ceramikas by Vapeston is the revolutionary generation in sub-ohm tanks, using Vapeston exclusive Food Grade Ceramic Coil (FGCC) technology, the Ceramikas supports 20w to 100w variable wattage devices with exetremly pure flavor and cool vapor. It’s clean, durable and easy to use, the FGCC coil can last 3-5 times compared to regular sub ohm coils. Its uniqueness is not limited to FGCC Coil, but also with the easiest refill from driptip, vapor cooling system, anti-spurting design, e-liquid condensate recovery function. In the meantime, RBA coil is included so you can enjoy the diversifications of this tank conveniently.
Vapeston Ceramikas – Vape Clean!


Vapeston Ceramikas tank (0.3ohm FGCC Coil) 1pc
Vapeston RBA Coil 1pc
Vapeston RBA Replament 1pc


1.The Ceramikas applies Vapeston Exclusive Food Grade Ceramic Coil (GFCC) technology, pure and cool vapor guaranteed.
2.0.3ohm FGCC coil supports 20-100 Variable Wattage mods with no dry hit or burning taste.
3.As the FGCC coil heats up gradually in 1-2 seconds, the vapor is much cooler compared to normal metal sub ohm coils.
4.The FGCC coil can last for 3-5 times compared to normal metal sub ohm coils.
5.RBA coil is also offered so you can enjoy the great diversification
of Ceramikas conveniently.
6.The easiest refill method applied, a simple switch of the upper cover then you can refill into the driptip
7.A silicon valve is planted inside the air tube of Ceramikas, it allows the e-liquid fill into the pyrex tube from the side, and also allows you enjoy the vapor as it opens when you are vaping.
8.The silicon valve detains most of the heat from of GFCC coil and allows you enjoy cool vapor even you are vaping in high wattage.
9.The same silicon valve detains any spurting of e-liquids too.
10.Anti-leaking design at the bottom makes you trouble-free when you are refilling and vaping.
11.Massive airflow inherits from Vapeston serious products, which is widely accepted by the market.
12.All parts replaceable and made of 304 stainless steel and Pyrex


1.Please make sure the switch near the upper cover is open when refill and closed when vaping.
2.The coils (FGCC, DVC, Ni-200, RBA, etc) must be broken in with ejuices at a lower wattage before attempting a higher power setting.
3.Please use the coil at least 2-4 tanks worth before going into a higher power setting.
4.Some ejuice’s (Max VG Blends for example) have a higher burning tolerance than other ejuices. please be cautious when using on a
higher power setting.
5.Higher power setting will require a lot of airflow.
6.Recommended power setting for optimum performance: 45-65w.
7.Please fasten the coil each time when refilling the Ceramikas.
8.Please clean the driptip and pyrex tube periodically.
9.Please do not overfill and leave at least 5mm ejuices from the bottom to avoid dry burning of the coil and keep the pure taste of
Vapeston Ceramikas
10.Vapeston Ceramikas is designed to match 20 watts or above variable wattage battery devices, the use of 3.7v battery may cause
little vapor.

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