M3 (Menthol x3)

M3 (Menthol x3)

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M3 was designed to be an additive to other eliquids, it was not intended to be vaped on its own but some people (who REALLY enjoy menthol) like to vape it as is. The idea was that it would act as a substitute for not having the "add menthol" option in our store. Simply mix with any other eliquid until you reach the desired amount of menthol that suits your taste.

This is our strongest menthol eliquid. So strong that a lot of people up here in Canada find that throughout the winter months the menthol may actually re-crystallize in the cooler temperatures. This will make the eliquid look foggy and thick, or may even go completely solid. To remedy this, simply put the bottle in some warm water for a few minutes to warm it up, and then shake well. The M3 should turn into a liquid again with a little bit of heat and being shaken. 

Notes: Avoid using in plastic or acrylic tanks, the pH level of this eliquid may damage them. Vapor Jedi Juice now comes as 70/30 VG/PG

Ingredients: USP Grade 99.95% Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, USP Grade 99.99% Kosher Propylene Glycol, Menthol, Artificial and/or Natural Flavourings. May contain traces of nuts.

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