Notorious Mod & RDA by Infinite (Clone)

  • $85.00 CAD

The Notorious Mod Infinite clone is one of the best looking 26650 Mod's we've seen to date. This Mod and RDA combo set includes both the Notorious Mechanical Mod, a matching Plume Veil style RDA, with a custom 30mm top cap, and a drip tip to go with it. It is 30mm in diameter, and constructed from a single 360 Series Brass battery tube, that houses a single 26650 battery. 360 Series Brass is a highly conductive material and ensures minimal voltage drop. The seamless single tube design minimizes voltage drop even further since there are no addition threads than necessary. The ability to use a 26650 battery greatly increases the amount of time you can spend vaping at peak voltage levels. This device is packed with tons of features that are designed to deliver the maximum amount of power available, to your atomizer, and allow for massive vapor production.

The Notorious features a recessed magnetic firing switch. The recessed firing switch allows you to set the mod down without it firing, even if it's not locked. There is also reverse thread locking ring. The bottom of the firing switch has laser engrave logos and individualized serial numbers. The contact is made from silver plated brass, which is incredibly conductive, and it is over sized which ensures that a strong connection is made with the battery. The top cap is brass, and uses a hybrid connection to make direct contact with the battery.

The Notorious Mod also comes with it's own RDA. It uses the base of the Plume Veil RDA, and its own custom top cap that is 30mm in diameter to sit nice and flush. The base is constructed from stainless steel. It has two negative contacts milled right out of the deck and a dual positive T-Post design. The negative posts have air channels running through them that supply air right into your coil. The custom top cap is constructed from high heat resistant derlin. This allows for ample cooling on warmer builds. The key to it's success was massive airflow. In addition to the airflow running through the negative posts, there are four different sources of adjustable airflow. The Plume Veil is one of the top performing RDA's available. It pioneered many innovative features, that provided exceptional flavor, and massive amounts of vapor.  


  • Constructed from 360 Series Brass
  • Single Seemless 26650 Battery Tube
  • Magnet-Loaded Bottom-Firing Switch
  • Reverse-Threaded Locking Ring(Changed the spring)
  • Oversized Silver-Plated Brass Negative Contact
  • Hybrid Style Top Cap
  • Comes with a Plume Veil style RDA with a Custom Matching Top Cap
  • Comes with a custom 510 Drip Tip
  • Diameter: 30mm
  • Laser Engravings: Logo and Serial Number
  • Infinite Bag

    This is a Hybrid “Mod". Do NOT use Atomizing devices that have a flush or floating center pin. Ensure that the batteries used are in good condition and suitable for the Mod and Atomizing device. Contact the place of purchase if you have any questions.

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