Paragon Mod by Infinite (Clone)

  • $60.00 CAD

The Paragon Mechanical Mod Infinite Clone is the first carbon fiber mechanical mods that Infinite has released so far. It features an interesting battery tube that actually has a carbon fiber wrap on the outside, and copper on the inside. This allows the mod to enjoy the benefits of the heat resistant carbon fiber that cools the mod down as well as high conductivity from the copper under body. It truly is an amazing mod that will deliver high performance and is great for any cloud chaser or collector alike.

The Paragon Mechanical Mod Infinite Clone comes with a single seamless 18650 battery tube. This allows the mod to have less voltage drop than a tube with extensions, because the tubes do not have any additional threading beyond what is necessary. The top cap has a telescopic brass contact pin that will allow you to adjust to fit any length atomizer, as well as adjust for any battery rattle. The 510 connector will fit any 510 threaded atomizers. The mod is 22 mm in diameter and will sit flush with any 22 mm atomizers. The locking ring is reverse threaded and is recessed so that it will not fire when standing up either locked or unlocked. The switch is bottom firing and spring loaded. The throw is smooth and perfect. 


  • 18650 battery tube
  • 101 oxygen free copper
  • Carbon fiber
  • Brass contact pins
  • 22mm diameter
  • 510 atomizer connection

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