Praxis Mod by Infinite (Clone)

  • $60.00 CAD

The Praxis Mechanical Mod Clone by Infinite is a brand new, ultra sleek low profile mod. The Praxis features a single Stainless Steel battery tube for 18650 batteries and measures in at only 80mm in length (3 and 3/4 inches) and 22mm in diameters. So any 22mm RDA or Tank that you use will sit nice and flush on the Praxis. The top cap and parts of the dual action firing switch are made of brass to add some nice accents to the mod as well as lowers the voltage drop. The Praxis Mod by Infinite features a very low voltage drop and produces massive amounts of Vapor. The Praxis Infinite Clone is one of the hardest hitting Stainless Steel Mods on the market that even rivals its Copper or Brass competitors. The reason that the Praxis Mod can hit so hard is that it features a Brass Hybrid Style connection top cap. This means that your Atomizer makes a direct connection with the battery so more power reaches your coil. The other reason is that dual action firing switch has no threads. Instead of screwing on your firing switch from the bottom on the Praxis the firing switch slides in through the top and locks into place when pushed down to its seat at the bottom of the mod. These combined innovative features as well as it's single tube design are what allow the Praxis Mod to hit as hard as it does and provide such great vapor production. In addition the Praxis Mechanical Mod Cloned by Infinite has vent holes in the to cap and vent holes on the batter tube just below it that provide battery venting and airflow for atomizers with bottom air holes. 

The Praxis Mechanical Mod Infinite Clone is an overall great device. From is sturdy impeccably machined stainless steel battery tube to it's innovative dual action firing switch and hybrid connector the Praxis Clone from infinite delivers both quality and performance. If you want a mod that hits as hard as a copper or brass without the maintenance required to keep it looking fresh the Praxis is the perfect choice.


Praxis Mod features:

  • High quality 1:1 clone
  • Available in Stainless Steel (303 grade), Brass & 100% Copper
  • 18650 Battery Tube
  • Hybrid Top Cap - Atomizer to Battery direct connection
  • Brass negative contact
  • Recessed spring-loaded dual action bottom switch
  • Engraved logo
  • 22mm Diameter
  • 80mm Height


This is a Hybrid “Mod". Do NOT use Atomizing devices that have a flush or floating center pin. Ensure that the batteries used are in good condition and suitable for the Mod and Atomizing device. Contact the place of purchase if you have any questions.

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