Pre-Built Coils 0.3-1.2 Ohms (10 Pack)

  • $14.00 CAD

Having a bad coil day? Or maybe you're just getting started with rebuildable atomizers and haven't quite figured it out yet? Or maybe you're just lazy? Heck, it could be all of the above! Usually that would be the recipe for a bad day, but not anymore! Grab a few packs of our pre-built coils and forget about rebuilding for a while! 

These pre-built coils come in various resistances (per coil) from:

  • 22g 0.3 ohm coils
  • 24g 0.5 ohm coils
  • 24g 0.8 ohm coils
  • 26g 1.0 ohm coils
  • 26g 1.2 ohm coils

Choose your resistance/AWG from the drop down menu and click "add to cart". You won't regret having a few pre-built coils on hand for those days where you just don't have time, or when it just ain't workin' for ya, these coils will be there to save the day.

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