Vapor Jedi Vape Shop Is Closed...

The OG electronic cigarette store (vape shop) in Saskatoon has been permanently closed and will no longer sell e-cigs, e-liquid, or mech mods.

Vapor Jedi customers can now buy the same e-liquid flavors created and manufactured by Vapor Jedi at a number of different e-liquid vendors across Canada. The list of places to buy what used to be Vapor Jedi e-juice will be updated on this page.

These vendors can provide some of the exact same flavors that you know and love, but they may not have all of your favorites, and they will not be made by Vapor Jedi.

The vendors on the right are using the same recipes that were developed by Vapor Jedi.

If you’d like a certain flavor that you used to buy from Vapor Jed you should contact one of the sellers from the list to the right of this text and ask them to put that flavor into production.

You can also contact your local vape shops and ask them to bring in your favorite flavors.

If you are an e-liquid manufacturer and you want to obtain the flavor recipes to produce Vapor Jedi flavors, or a vape shop owner who wishes to sell these flavors please use the CONTACT US form with your request and we will forward the message to the correct person and they will get back to you.

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